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Tony Menna is the designer and founder of Lounge Innovation WA Pty Ltd. He Started the company in 1991 and has now enjoyed over 40 years in the furniture industry. Starting from humble beginnings, he is proud to say Lounge Innovation is now one of Australia’s largest furniture manufacturers of Australian upholstered furniture. Tony consistently travels overseas to all the international furniture shows, including Italy, America, China, UAE, France and Germany. This allows him to keep up to date with the latest fashion and trends in textiles and design. In Lounge Innovation’s design studio, a team of professional furniture designers, create new designs under Tony’s direction. The new designs inspired by Tony’s international trips reflect the changing trends in furniture and textile design. The studio then formulates the patterns for fabric cutting and frame construction that are used by the craftsmen to create each piece.



Lounge Innovation are the only company in Western Australia and one of only three in Australia that have linked the sophisticated CAD-CAM design and pattern making system to their furniture construction. This allows us to minimise waste while maximising efficiency. Lounge Innovation were the first company in Australia to use bar coding to track customer orders through the factory including the delivery of every piece. All processing is done in house, from the frame making, stitching, foam shaping to assembly; this is all made possible with the combined skill of our furniture specialist. Frame making is done on our CAD-CAM system and the use of the Australian hardwood Jarrah, gives Lounge Innovation a competitive edge because of its strength and durability. The investment in the latest machinery allows us to efficiently use a feature stitch on all Australian leather furniture and we are recognised as the biggest processors for furniture applications. We believe that with the use of Western Australia’s Jarrah and hardwood frames, the Black Cat and steel spring systems, and the use of Australia’s largest supplier of foam seat cushioning, that we offer a quality assured product.


1. For a period of 10 years from the date of original sale of the product the manufacturers Lounge Innovation warrants to rectify, repair or replace if this is an option, at no charge to the purchaser, any part of the frame construction or manufacture which Lounge Innovation determines to be defective in workmanship or thus preventing normal use of enjoyment. 2. The Guarantee given by Lounge Innovation shall only apply to the original purchaser from an authorised seller of Lounge Innovation furniture. It is not transferable or assignable. 3. The Guarantee does not extend to or cover furniture which in the opinion of Lounge Innovation is damaged by abuse or negligence. 4. Should it be necessary to return furniture to Lounge Innovation to effect repairs or replacement, all transportation charges shall be prepaid both ways by the purchaser unless Lounge Innovation determines in writing to the contrary. 5. Our Guarantee excludes fabrics and leather, as we are not manufacturers of these items. However every effort will be made to negotiate a satisfactory settlement with the supplier on your behalf, if any covering is agreed to be defective.


A guide to maintaining your furniture 

Filling materials will soften and flatten to some extent with use and adopt the body shape of the users. Dependent on the type and extent of use, in time the fabric or leather covers may develop comfort creases. Natural materials such as leather and timber have natural colour and grain variation as part of their character


During the first three months of use, foam padding tends to soften then should permanently stabilize. The setting may also create slight folds on the covering, which is a completely normal characteristic of the product.

General upholstery fabrics are not guaranteed against wear, shrinkage or colour fading. Don’t let pets curl up on unprotected upholstery covers. Turn loose cushion regularly for equal wear. Fixed cushions should be patted into shape regularly.


  • Do not jump or throw yourself onto the sofa
  • Do not sit on the arms or the back
  • Do not move the sofa by pushing it. the correct way to move the sofa is by lifting it .

Preventing Fading

Keep furniture out of direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can fade fabrics.


Balling and pilling may occur on any fabric as is a natural result of friction . If it occurs, it may be removed with a safety razor of fuzz-off pilling machine. This simply removes the fluff and in no way affects the quality or the fabric.


Leather Characteristics

Genuine leather contains natural characteristics that unmistakably distinguish it from imitation products individual hides or skins may display small markings such as healed scares, insect bites and growth wrinkles and will often show slight variations in surface colour and grain texture, the prevalence of these characteristics differs for each leather type.

Leather Care Tips

Try to maintain at least 3cm between your furniture and heating sources.

Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight. All materials will fade over time when placed in direct sunlight. Aniline leather are especially sensitive to sunlight.

Do not allow your pets onto your leather sofa . Pets have sharp claws which can scratch the leather. Their saliva is also very harmful to leather .Never use harsh chemicals or paint around your leather sofa. Keep materials like fingernail polish, bleach, nail polish remover, glue and house hold cleaners away from your leather.

Dust your leather as you would other items in the room. Lightly dampen a soft cloth with leather soft cleaner and dust weekly you may also use a soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

All leather last longer and looks better when preventive maintenance is practiced.

As a general rule fully clean your furniture with leather soft cleaner at least every six month to remove dirt as well as the gradual accumulation of body oils and perspiration.

Fabric Care Tips

Spot cleaning

Treat spills and stains as soon as possible. Gently scrape any soil or mop any liquid from the surface of the fabric.

For non oil based stains use warm water and a plain soap (not toilet soaps with optical brighteners). Mix a small amount of soap and warm solution and apply to the stain rubbing gently. Blow dry with a clean towel.

Apply cool distilled water and blot dry again, then with a hair dryer working out from the centre of the stain dry quickly to prevent rings forming.

For oil based stains following the same basic guideline as above apply a proprietary brand solvent based cleaner and try to clean generally in panels rather than spot cleaning specific areas.

Completing the stain removal process. Once residual stains are removed ,deodorise the affected area to remove any lingering odours.

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